AFAA Certification Results

AFAA Certification Papers

After a long day of work, gym and grocery shopping, i finally get home (while still on the phone with my mom) and Jeff hands me a large envelope that came in the mail. After a bit of hesitation and asking Jeff to open it, I rip open the envelope then loudly swear (my mom is still on the phone, yes) as i give myself a nasty paper cut!! Not a good start i think… but luckily the results said i have completed the requirements to obtain my certification! I got 7 wrong answers out of 150 questions. There was no mention of my practical part of the test, but i suppose it went well since I passed. It is a relief, but now i have to keep my certification by earning 15 CEUs within a 2-year period and keep my CPR certification (renewal once a year). Now my next fitness goal is to get more classes to teach since i am only teaching 1 official class per week (step aerobics). I probably will have to apply at another gym.

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