First of the Decorations

Christmas Light Decorations

Went shopping at Pier1 imports and debated on buying some table linens and such, but ended up just buying these really cute fake christmas lights. They were a bit more than i wanted to pay for them but decided to splurge since we have practically zero xmas decorations. Later when i got home i found a $50 gift card that i got from Quinn for my bridal shower, whoops if i would have known about that…

These peg things are funny — everyone always asks what they are. I haven’t figured it out but decorations seem to work well.

Also check out our cool new bar stool. Almost should have bought 2 but couldn’t carry it when i was standing in the massive line at JC Penneys on Black Friday. It is quite useful, visitors always come sit on it when i’m preparing dinner and chatting.

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