The Last Supper….Thanksgiving


This is our last Thanksgiving at the Worthington’s house in San Mateo because they are moving to Chicago – tomorrow! I’ve spent every Thanksgiving with them ever since they moved back up to California in 2005, so i am sad that this will be the last but at least we have our own house now to host the next Thanksgiving, even if it will just be me, Jeff and Butters! I truly looked forward to spending this holiday with Taylor and her mom’s family – they always make us feel a part of their family. Hopefully one day Taylor and Nate will move back here! We will miss them sooooo much!

Basting the TurkeySofia eating Celery

Taylor and her (yet again) perfect looking and perfect tasting turkey. Sofia is helping read the recipes to us! Ok, just kidding. She likes to sit on the counter where the action is and eat up all the celery and carrots.

Apple PieTurkey and My Veggie Dish

Homemade apple pie was delish!! Carved turkey courtesy of Nate this year, and my Zucchini Gratin dish.

Moving BoxesJeff and Diane

See, they really are moving! Jeff and I hug it out after stuffing our faces (is that a good idea?).

Diane and TaylorPost Turkey Napping

BFFs Diane and Taylor! Sofia and her uncle are crashed out on the couch! How cute.

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