A Year of 365

365, oh what a chore.

Today marks a year of doing the Project 365 – Picture a Day! Whoa baby, is it a lot of work! But defintely worth it. In honor of this day, Jeff took a photo of me taking a shot of Butters (the most covered subject matter, by far, i am sure).

Project 365 Anniversary

And here is my point of view!

It is a sense of relief that i have officially completed the 365. I know my family would want me to continue this project since i know they check it almost daily, though oddly enough i rarely see any comments from them, *cough, cough*!! I will be continuing… though at some point it may have to be less everyday-ish and more every-other-day-ish because i keep getting so behind on updating the blog, and its very very time consuming in my already busy life! My hope for this year is to have a new layout for the blog, and hopefully get some more interaction from my readers!!!

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