Salinas Airshow

Salinas Airshow

Jeff got free tickets from a coworker to go to the Salinas Airshow. I’ve never been to this event even though i’ve lived in the area for almost 8 years now. It was being held at the Salinas Airport. Jets and helicopters and other vehicles were on the tarmac for people to oohh and aww at.

Jet WindowMarine Helicopter

We got to go inside a military helicopter and pretend we were being shipped off to a super secret military operation in a faraway land! (OK, well, just I pretended).

SpiralParachuting Man with Fireworks

We got to see a bunch of different types of airplanes do stunts in the air. When it turned to night time, they had parachutists jumping out of planes with fireworks attached to them. Then they progressed to attaching the fireworks to the planes somehow, and them doing tricks in the night.

Fireworks and Airplanes

It was REALLY COOL and my analytical side of me was trying to figure out how they rigged up the fireworks in the airplane and if the pilot was controlling both the airplane and the pyro show or if it was someone on the ground doing that work. (I never found out the answer).

Robosaurus Eats Car

So apparently this Robosaurus is a big deal. It’s a monster traveling machine/fire-breathing dragon/light show all in one. Pretty geeky but actually kind of entertaining. It ate up a stripped car — after i exhaled a fireball on it. Had to be there.

Airshow Fireworks

So it was getting late, and we were all antsy waiting for the Friday night fireworks show. It was butt-ass cold outside (low 50s + wind chill), so we bailed and went to the car to wait for the fireworks. We thought it wouldn’t be too bad of a viewing except for this massive light, and some sort of lighthouse thing in our way. Nice photo huh? I was blocking out the light with my finger so i could take a decent photo. What i don’t have a photo of is the MOST awesome WALL OF FIRE at the end of the fireworks show. It was massive! Jeff and I were awestruck, i kept saying “holy sh*t!” (Meanwhile my dad was on the phone line talking to me about the house! HAHA!) We were a bit bummed because had we been at our seats, I am sure we would have felt a massive force of the explosion. Check out this video I found of the exact night we were there. You can even see a bit of Robosaurus in on the action.

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Next time, we are staying for the wall of fire! I don’t care how cold it is. lol

Jeff  |  Aug 11, 2009 at 3:07 pm

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