Kathy’s Birthday Picnic

Rita, Kathy, Stae

SD+ crew had a birthday picnic for Kathy in a cute little park across the street from the mission that had picnic tables and a strange relic cabin. Of course chickens were in waddling around, but i forgot to take a photo so i’ll reference Brianas (click! or cluck?).

Lets EatGazpacho/Shrimp Cocktail

Theresa made Chinese Chicken Salad, Rita brought lumpias, Angie brought Shrimp Cocktail/Gazpacho, and I brough the Cupcakes plus a Cinnamon-Raisin-Walnut Cream Cheese Spread with Pita Chips.

Flourless CakeHammer and Nails Bracelet

After our delicious feast Kathy opened presents. Rita and I got her this Hammer and Nails bracelet i found on etsy. So totally a Kathy gift. She loved it.

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