California Roll

California Roll

For dinner tonight, i made myself a California Roll. Jeff had some leftovers, so I was free to enjoy my sushi without having to worry subjecting him to the seaweeds. I actually had all the ingredients on hand – which, like, has never happened. I have always wanted to test out trying to make them the “real” inside out way, but every time i end up making sushi it is for a potluck or something and i don’t want to mess it up so i just do it the safe way with seaweed on the outside. So tonight i tried it and it went not as bad as i thought it would, though, i noticed you have to be precise on where you put your seaweed on the mat, since you CANNOT shift it around after you flop over the rice. So, more experience is necessary but glad to know i CAN do it. Kind of.

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