Dyson Ball Vacuum

Dyson Vacuum

So i joked with Jeff that I wanted a new vacuum cleaner for my birthday…but he didn’t get me one because it was not appropriate gift. But we so desperately needed a new one because the one we currently had was a Dirt Devil that did not pick up anything! Kitty litter would fall out from it as you swung it back and forth on the carpet. My friend Christina mentioned on Facebook the other day she was in the market for a new vacuum and her friends suggested a Dyson ball vacuum. Christina went to Sears and purchased one and said it was a great vacuum. So today I asked Jeff if we could go and buy one and he said yes! $500 dollars later and here we are – spic and span carpets! It feels SO NICE! I love my new vacuum that actually works! The ball thing works really well, and the chamber is easy to dispense. We filled it up twice with our first vacuuming of the downstairs area.

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I always wondered if that vacuum worked. I’m glad it does!

Raina  |  Jul 13, 2009 at 12:05 am

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