Coupons Much?

Coupons Much?

You know at Safeway, how they monitor what you buy and give you coupons based on that? Well i have been carefully monitoring the coupon offers lately, and noticed that whenever i buy a box of Lean Pockets, they give me a coupon for 75 cents off the purchase of 2 boxes of Lean Pockets. When i buy 2 boxes (with or without the coupon), they give me a coupon for 75 cents off 3 or more. When i buy 4,…. i think they only give me a the same coupon. But yeah, its weird. Like they know how much you buy and specifically target you to buy MORE next time! It’s totally creepy.

And as a side note to this photo – i love when the checkout lady forgets to tear off the coupons from the printer and give it to the customers for a while.. and then all of sudden they just bunch it all up and give it to one person when they remember. TODAY WAS MY LUCKY DAY! Totally. Score!

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