Relay for Life, Year 2!

Our Luminary from Last Year!

Pinnacle Bank participated in Gilroy’s Relay for Life again this year. Jeff and I did a better job of raising money compared to last year — we raised $265.23. As a team, Pinnacle Bank raised $9,287.18.

We had planned to do luminaries again this year – Jeff bought 2 bags and brought them home for me to decorate — but I had no time!! We went to the Relay on today from 1-2pm and walked the track about 12 laps within that time. Not sure how long 1 lap is but we estimated its about the same as a regular lap around a normal track. While walking around I noticed a very familiar looking luminary. MY BAG FROM LAST YEAR! Haha. I decorated one in honor of my mom at last year’s event, and I guess they must save them and/or it never got out to be lit. I looked inside the bag, and the candle had been lit from last night’s luminary ceremony. So even though we didn’t get to do new ones this year, we still represented.

Pinnacle Bank Always Reaching HigherYup it Burned!

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