Big Sur


Today drove down highway 1 in Big Sur to go on some hikes. We visited Julia Pfieffer Park, which has a waterfall going directly onto a beach and into the ocean!

Julia PfiefferBlue Jay

We planned on going on a longer hike, but the trail ended up being closed because of last year’s wild fires. Jeff and I ate our Safeway sandwiches for lunch at the park benches while a couple of blue jays tried to steal our food.

Jeff @ Pfieffer BeachBeach Grassage

After lunch, we decided to headed back up to Pfieffer Beach. We were surprised that we had to wait in line for a parking spot (even after paying $5). The wait was worth it though, the beach was gorgeous and we both fell asleep in the sun on a big sand dune.

White Chocolate Dipped StrawberriesHere's to Us!

We came back to the hotel and opened up our complimentary bottle of champagne and toasted ourselves to a wonderful 1st year of marriage. Dinner plans ended up being more relaxed than yesterday, as we ordered room service at about 10pm and crashed out on the comfy king bed soon thereafter.

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