Grandpa’s Birthday

Grandpa's Birthday Card

My Grandpa was technically (or should i say physically…? LOL) born on a leap day – February 29, 1920. But since this was “back in the day” his birthday wasn’t recorded on paper until March 2nd. So even though his “real” birthday only happens every four years, he still has another birth date to fall back on for those other years. Bit confusing, yes. My mom reminded me it was his birthday only a couple days ago so I had to rush and make him this birthday card today, but i took too long and by the time i was done i had missed the mail. Oh well, it would have been late anyway! I folded a paper crane and placed it on a sky & grass backdrop so that it springs open like a pop up card. The outside is a plain gray sparkly card with a ribbon that snaps down.

(For those wondering what else is in this picture, click here)

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