2 Short

2 Short Thats Me

So guess i have lost a couple pounds in the past year or so, and a majority of my jeans don’t really fit me right anymore. In fact, a few of them are so big i can pull them down without unbuttoning or unzipping them! So I went to the store today to try to find a smaller size that fits better. I think it’s funny that i am now back to a size 2 short. “2 short” is just funny in general to say or read. But it also reminds me of a part in that song by Too $hort where he says “Too short that’s Oakland baybee”. I totally agree that I am 2 short. 2 short to reach the second shelf, 2 short to clean the mirrors, 2 short to even have 2 short jeans fit me in length. Yes, 2 shorts are not short enough. I need a 2 short short. But they don’t manufacture those, thanks.

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