This year for Christmas presents I found these cute little window sill planters called Taterpots.  They come with 2 peet pucks each and a tiny packet of seeds. Jeff and I planted them today — we had Oregano and Mint. One of the peet pucks had a hard time inflating on its own all the way. But we poked and prodded it until it expanded. We’ll see how they do! We also finally repotted our orchid plant! I feel sorry for all of our plants since we are not very good gardeners.

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Those taterpots are soo cute…I planted it soon after Christmas and my peet pucks also needed help inflating. Mine had tiny oregano seeds but they have not sprouted yet. The sword bean plant that I planted at the same time, however, is like a gigantic magical bean…about 2 feet or more tall and the leaves are bigger than my hand spread out really wide!!!

jdsegawa@yahoo.com  |  Jan 12, 2009 at 8:17 am

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