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Shadow Box Frame

I bought these shadow box frame things for the walls a couple of years ago from Aaron Brothers but never got around to putting them up anywhere. Since i’ve been pretty bored while on vacation the past few days i decided to finally put them in the living room on the opposite side of our wedding photos, next to our mirrors behind our couch. I placed the bird candle holder in one of them, and in the other a glass sea urchin vase i bought while on our honeymoon. I think the sand is left over from our wedding sand, and the dried roses are from my bouquet. I also took down our holiday decorations by the stairway, and since the wall looked empty i filled new black picture frames with a couple of engagement photos and a photo of a seal on the beach in Santa Cruz. I like adding these things to our walls to make it look more homey even though I wish i could be decorating our own house, not a rented apartment!

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