Our Hoppin’ NYE Party

Our Hoppin' NYE Party

Today we woke up at 4am eastern time to catch a plane from Orlando to San Jose via Denver. We got back to our house at around noon pacific time and were pooped from lack of sleep and air travel. I made spam musubis for my lunch (and dinner) and basically vegged all day. Butters meowed to us about how much he missed us, what all had happened while he was gone (who knew!) and how the pet sitter thought he was a girl.

Jeff and I watched the ball drop (oooh, LED style!) live for the eastern time zones at 9pm, then I passed out on the couch. Jeff stayed up a little later, but only long enough to snap this picture of Butters sleeping on my stomach with an unopened bottle of champagne (from last christmas, i shall mention). We went to bed at our regular bedtime of 11:30pm. How lame! Oh well, its just another day right?

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