Nassau, Bahamas

Our Cruise Ship at Nassau

Our ship docked at Nassau at around 11am as we were getting brunch. We left the ship and walked around the “downtown” area for a little bit. Most people booked “explorations” through the cruise ship company, but we decided to just play it by ear instead. None of the activities seemed too appealing and a bit overpriced. 

Nassua Wood CarversDowntown Nassau

I thought these vendors selling carved wood were interesting, but not enough for me to want to buy one. The only thing we bought in the Bahamas was these pink shell necklaces that a local convinced Jeff into buying (around Lisa’s neck).

Atlantis Resort on Paradise IslandJeff and Diane found Atlantis

We ended up taking a taxi to the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island. The hotel is enormous and impressive. A non-view room here is about $400/night. It boasts the a very expensive penthouse suite which the locals say cost $25,000/night with a 3 night minimum. Yikes. 

Atlantis AquariumAtlantis Aquarium

The aquarium there is well done and included a shark, a couple of manta-rays and many other fish. We viewed only a small part of the it since we were not hotel guests. After grabbing some lunch, we tried to get to the beach, but kept being redirected by the hotel staff since we were not permitted through certain areas. After a whole lot of walking and getting lost, we eventually found ourselves at the public beach access, finally able to put our feet in the sand. Our stay was not for long, as the sun was about to set and we were too tired to go into the water. We hailed one of the waiting taxis and rode back to the cruise ship and called it a day.

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