Gifts are Wrapped!

The Gifts are Wrapped!

Just about finished wrapping all my Christmas presents for this year. The red and silver snowflake wrapping paper i bought at Target’s Dollar Spot! I love that it wrapped so much of my presents and the paper was foil like the expensive kind – yet it was only $1! All the other wrapping papers and tags are from Target, too. The bows are mostly leftover from my wedding. I purposely picked out paper that would match with our wedding colors so i could use up my surplus of pink, green and cream ribbons.


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I can’t believe you actually beat me to it this year. I’m usually very organized but this year is another story..I’ve just gotten all my mainland gifts but they’re not even wrapped yet 🙁
All the presents look soo pretty. Too bad I can’t hire you to do mine!

jerriesegawa  |  Dec 07, 2008 at 3:12 pm

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