Project 365 – Day 9 – Ballot

Sample Ballot

Here is Jeff’s sample ballot (and Butters drinking water out of a little dish since he refuses to drink out of his own bowl on the floor).

I didn’t get my absentee ballot in the mail when Jeff did last week. Today Jeff walked next door the Monterey County Election office and inquired about my missing ballot. They said i am not registered as a “permanent absentee voter”. I don’t understand how that happened, since I did receive the last election via mail. So… I have to go to the polls to cast my vote (which I threw out my sample ballot so i don’t know where i need to go), or i guess there is still some time to register to vote by mail. What a process! Why can’t we just vote online? =)

We watched the last presidential debate tonight. I’m glad it was little more heated this time around. I’m excited to cast my vote!

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