Project 365 – Day 1 – Dog Toys

Obama and McCain Dog Toys

These presidential candidates are everywhere!!! The news on the TV, the signs in people’s yards, and… at the pet store?!?!

These funny “dog toys” where being marketed as an impulse buys at PetSmart. Looks like a pretty expensive toy. Would you pay $6.99 to see your dog chew up one of these guys?


Today in the mail, Jeff received his Official Election Ballot. Not sure where mine is… ? Along with that, came 3 political ads. One on Measure Z (local – tax to fix roads), Proposition 10 (state – solar energy), and Mark Hood for Judge.

Tonight was also the 2nd presidential debate. I only watch bits and parts of it, but overall i feel like they are just saying the same things over and over, but maybe it is because i listen to too much NPR. I pretty much end up getting a whole hour of news radio on my commute to work everyday, not to mention the stuff we watch on CNN and other cable news shows.

I can’t wait for November 4th!

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