San Juan Bautista

I work in a little town called San Juan Bautista. Population: 1,500. I like working in this town because it is outside of the fog line, and I love seeing chickens walk around on the streets. There is a quaint “downtown” area lined with antique shops and family-owned restaurants. The main attraction to this city is the Mission San Juan Bautista, built in 1797.

Here are some pictures of the Mission that I took last July. On that day, Jeff and I were on our way to visit our soon-to-be wedding venue, San Juan Oaks.


RosesSan Andreas Fault Line

There are some nice rose gardens right outside the church. This next picture is looking out from the mission to the fields. Right below the front row of bushes is a drop which is the San Andreas Fault line, and also where the old El Camino Real road is. Its a dirt road that used to be the main road between all the California Missions. It is said that the missions were erected in places that were only one day walking distance between each other. The mission south of San Juan is Carmel, and the one north of it is Santa Cruz. Click here for an animated map of the sequence of construction of the California missions.

Headless Chicken

Here is a headless chicken we found on the grounds of the Mission!! Scary… who knows what happened here. Jeff joked it may have been a religious sacrifice.


I’m surprised I don’t have more chicken pictures. This one above is the ONLY one I have. (It took me forever to find it too!) I took this in April 2006, next to the Windmill Market parking lot. The Windmill Market is the sole grocery store in the town.


On Wednesday this week, while at work, my coworkers and I took a little walk to a big field of tall sunflowers located right behind the San Juan Bautista Mission. The sunflowers came up to my head! It was a very sunny, warm day and it was nice to get out of the office for while.

Here are some pictures that I took with Kathy’s Nikon.


Sunflowers and a BeeSunflowers

My favorite is this one with the two sunflowers and the bee. There is Briana and Rita waiting around for John and I to take some photos.

Perhaps I’ll make a Part II of this post sometime in the future. I’d like to take pictures of the green fields in the spring, the cows, downtown San Juan, and of course more chickens (live ones, that is)!

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love your pictures

christina  |  Aug 25, 2008 at 8:48 pm

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