Point Lobos

Jeff and I have been talking about going to Point Lobos State Reserve for about … oh … a year now? Maybe even longer than that. The park is only about 30 minutes from here, right off the coast in Carmel. Well, we finally went a couple weekends ago! It was a nice day in Salinas – sunny, not too hot. Of course when we drove out to the coast, it was foggy and pretty darn cold for a summer day in June. Can you believe the the entrance fee was $10.00! Dang! I’m all for supporting the California State Parks but come on, can we at least get a locals discount or something? Anyway, we hiked a short loop trail and stopped by Hidden Beach. Here are some pictures from the day:

Point LobosPoint Lobos
I love where the water has that turquoise-blue color.

Point LobosPoint Lobos
There was a weird tree that was all flat and angled like a wall. We thought it looked like one of those things you stick your head in at the fair. Picture time! I’m standing in front of some trees covered by orange moss!

Point LobosPoint Lobos
Here’s a closer look at the orange moss.

Point LobosPoint Lobos
There are a lot of flowers blooming this time of year. Not sure what this weed-like thing is here, but it isn’t it neat looking?

Point LobosPoint Lobos
Can you spot the bird in the photo to the left? I love all the colors and textures that live on the side of this cliff.

Point LobosPoint Lobos
I don’t remember taking this picture of the tree/bark. But i like how it came out. And finally – this picture of Jeff. He plucked a weed from the ground and stuck it in his hat. He says his Dad used to do this a lot. It reminds me of something from that movie A Bug’s Life. I’m not sure what he’s looking for…

We hope to do some more hiking this summer! I wanted to go to Big Sur – hopefully there is something left after the “Big Sur Basin Complex Fire” is put out. It’s only 3% contained!

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i love pt lobos!! it’s so beautiful!

christina  |  Jun 30, 2008 at 7:10 am

Everyone knows you’re supposed to park on the side of the freeway and hike in, silly! lol looks like you had a good time. Beautiful pics!

Victoria  |  Jul 30, 2008 at 5:18 pm

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