Memorial Day Weekend

Well, its almost the end of the weekend and we didn’t go to Macy*s to do our exchanges! I did manage to get the blog set up just how i wanted – it only took my 2 full days. Haha…but I had fun. Today’s a very nice day and we didn’t do anything, since I wanted to get this blog set-up done.

Yesterday, we went over to Jason’s house. Jason is a buddy of Jeff’s from Rabobank. His house is in the sticks of Watsonville. But the view is awesome! Check it out:
Elkhourn SloughJason's Balcony
You can see Elkhorn Slough, and to the right of this picture you can see some strawberry fields too. He had a pretty cool deck and a hot tub too. It’s pretty sweet.
I made some California Rolls and Spam Musubis! Everyone seemed to like them a lot.

Also there at Jason’s BBQ was Michelle (Jason’s girlfriend), Mike & Shelby, Amy & J.D., and Missy & Adam. We watched that ridiculous Japanese game show “Unbeatable Banzuke” on G4. Its a show by the makers of “Ninja Warrior” – thats all I pretty much have to say. We also played some Wii and RockBand, which was really fun with a bunch of people.

I’m glad we got to get out of the house and do something fun. I think we’re finally starting to feel better. My sinuses are getting better. Can’t wait till we’re both 100% so we can fully enjoy our newlywed status!


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I love your blog! It looks great, I wish I had the skills you do. I love that family far away can check up on blogs and see photos. i’m sure your family in Hawaii will love being able to do that on your blog.

Christina  |  May 27, 2008 at 4:49 pm

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