Melanie is 8 months old!

My happy baby is already 8 months old. Big milestone this month is springing her first tooth! My childcare provider was the first to point it out. It’s still working it’s way out and hopefully i can get a picture soon if her tongue doesn’t get in the way!

Melanie also started vocalizing a bit more this month – saying common baby phrases such as “da da”, “ba ba”, “ma ma”, and even the coincidental “hi dad” and “bye dad”. Super cute. Oh and slightly scary because she can make really convincing “zombie” noises. It will come out of nowhere. She’s like a demon child. But only for a few seconds. Then she’s back to her smiley self.

We went to see a dermatologist about the mole on her face. The doctor said it’s most likely a cyst, but they couldnt really know unless they biopsied it. She recommended seeing a specialist since Melanie is an infant and the fact that its on her face where you’d want it to be minimal scarring. So we’ve set an appointment up for next Thursday to see a pediatric dermatologist up in the bay area.

While watching some video of Vincent when he was 8 months, it looked like he was starting to crawl already. He also was good at flipping from he belly to tummy and scooting himself. Melanie really doesn’t do any of that. She just sits up and plays a lot. She reaches for toys from that angle. I guess we really need to do more tummy time and even more back time.

We have been very cognizant of placing her on her back when she’s not sleeping because we basically did that 24/7 with Vincent from 0-8 months since he took forever and a day to learn to sit upright. I guess every child learns different things at their own pace. I’m certainly in no rush to have Melanie crawling. I think it is pretty perfect right now that she’s able to sit up and occupy herself with toys, but stays put! But i’m sure we will be pulling out those baby gates in no time. What will Vinny think of a mobile Melanie? (LOL)

Speaking of Vincent, he’s not too great with sharing his toys, and we’re trying to teach him to be better at it, but in general, he’s very nice to his younger sister. He worries about her when she cries (“Mommy, Men-nee cry-ing!”) and tries to trade her different toys when he see’s that she’s already playing with toys he wants to play with (…nice, i guess…).

We were cuddling on the couch once and decided to give her a hug and kiss out of nowhere! Though, he’s also hit her on the head one time out of nowhere too… I suppose this will be an ongoing saga…

Oh other developing news is that Melanie is what i consider “sleeping through the night” now — she goes down around 7:45p, wakes at around 11p for a “snack” and then is out until 6a, sometimes later sometimes earlier. Mom’s a happy camper.  She still uses a pacifier for bedtime.

I fed her puffs last month, and she didn’t even want to put them in her mouth! Then i read the container and it said they should be “ready” if they crawl with their belly off the floor. Ha! Well, that explained it.

I tried again this month, even though she can’t crawl yet, and she did a lot better! She ate a few.

Still in 9 month clothing though i bet she’d fit in 12 months just fine. I think i’m in denial however, 12 months just seems too big for my little girl!

She’s definetly growing though – not just physically but emotionally as well. She gets real mad when you take a toy away from her. I find her playing with all sorts of things she really shouldn’t be playing with – like string, the remote control, mommy’s phone (which she managed to buy something that i didnt need from), small objects that she could potential choke on, etc… But if you take it away from her she screams and cries instantly! Oh boy, she’s feisty. I’m interested to see her more of her personality as she grows up.



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