Vincent – Summer 2013

Since Vincent has turned two now, and i obviously cannot keep up with blogging on a monthly consistent basis — i will still try to post photos seasonally and keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings.

So this will be a random drawing of photos from the Summer that were not covered in the previous postings. 🙂

Outside Activities

We  Vinny a dinosaur hoppy thing where you can bounce — sort of like those balls they have with the handle on them but this one is a bit more stable… kind of.

He really loved it at first but now he hardly seems to play with it.

He’s learned to kick a ball pretty good now. As you can see he has new shoes. Actually two new pairs. My sister Susan visited in June and bought them for his birthday. These ones are blue (we dont like these as much actually) and the other pair is black and orange with flames! (he wears those daily)

We bought a little infant/toddler splash pool at Target and Vinny loves to play in it. It’s easier than doing the kiddie pool only because he has less chance of “drowning” in this one with it being only a couple inches of water. It is also a bit more interactive in terms of water shooting out and the slide area. Here is a video of him having fun:


Loves going on “dinosaur digs” with dad in the backyard / likes to pick raspberries from our plant


Getting good at climbing on play structures at the park all by himself.


Still loves slides!

Seeing Family


As i mentioned earlier, my sister came up for a quick weekend during my birthday.



We went to the Boardwalk and did some of the kiddie rides.

Vincent got to meet his Uncle Tim the day before our big Florida birthday trip in July. We went out to eat at Fisherman’s Wharf and hung out for a little bit at our house.

Uncle Pat came to visit in August. We had a good time playing together — that’s what Uncle’s do best!



The boys went up to Santa Cruz Roaring Camp Railroad to ride the train together.

Indoor Activities

Vincent loves coloring now. He can open the markers himself and color the paper. He has fun standing on the chair he isnt supposed to. We need to buy him a kid-sized table and chair.

Vincent still really loves his train set. We have it a box and he drags it out for us to help him open it. He got a lot more tracks and trains from his grandparents in hawaii for his birthday.


He loves to bring Daddy his hats when he sees them lying around the room.


This also applies to shoes — he helps us put them on. In the morning, while Jeff is still in bed, Vinny will bring him his PJ pants.


Dad took him to his first movie in the theater – Monster U. They made it through 1/2 hr of the movie (after the previews) he much rather run up and down the stairs. (Here he is at the arcade before hand)

His Best Friend

Sometimes Vinny will pet Butters real gently. But other time’s he will pull on his tail or sit on him. Poor Butters.


They even go on adventures together (Vinny loves pretending to drive in my car)

Eating Habits

Best thing about summer is eating corn on the cob! He still eats the same food — fruit, cheese sticks, apple sauce, yogurt, waffles, oatmeal, mac n cheese, hot dogs, rice and beans. New faves are ice cream, cookies, and guava juice.

NEW WORDS Vinny can say:

– Train
– Ki-kah (Kitty)
– Shoe
– Oh No!
– Oww
– Wow
– Car
– night night
– Calliou (tv character – he learned this the day after a birthday party themed after him)
– Nana (for banana)
– Nan (for Mickey Mouse — yes same as a banana?!)
– makes the sound “Go, go, go, go, go” when he sees cars.
– makes the sound “yo, yo, yo, yo, yo” when he sees a fire truck
– “goya goya goya gog..” — whatever that means! he says this when he’s just “Talking” to us

New things he can do:

– Fake sneeze (See video)
– Wipe his own face with a napkin
– Kick a ball
– Color “nicely” and open a marker (but not close it)
– Jump off from the edge of a pool and into daddy’s arms (See video)
– kick while swimming/put his head under water/diving into the water
– Recognize most animals, fruits, and other objects when asked the point in a book (shoe, train, flower, car, cat, dog, butterfly, etc)
– climb up on our bed and jump on it
– bring us little pieces of trash or objects he “shouldn’t be playing with” if he find them on the floor
– clap when he recognizes the song “BINGO”
– drink from a little plastic shot glass (i usually put juice in it)

Adorable things worthy of note:

– recently loves his little gloworm seahorse we bought him as a infant. Suddenly his favorite bedtime toy, along with his gray kitty that meows when you hug it. he also has a favorite blanket that a friend of mine crochet/knitted (never know the difference!) him as a baby
– He can give you a hug and a kiss good night
– he likes to grab your hand and take you to things that he wants/ wants to show you
– take photos on my iPhone of his feet and or face (and sometimes post them to the internet!)
– cries if we pass a park and he can’t go, or if we take a walk and we dont take the turn to go to the park

Growing Good

He’s out of his 18 month clothes officially .. in 2T for tops, and 2T bottoms are a bit big on him still, but can’t really fit 18 month pants either (way too short). He got his 2 year check up on August 20th, vaccines and the norm. His stats as at 25 months were 28 lbs and 14 oz (50%), and 35.5″ tall (75-90%). Right on target with what he normally is.







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