Vinny’s First….Stitches!

In the waiting room

Yikes! I get a call in the morning from my sitter, just an hour and half or so after i dropped him off at daycare. “Vinny fell face first into the entertainment center, you should bring vinny to the doctor, he might need stitches”  — oh great.

I pick him up, he has a cotton swab on it.. we take it off so i can see it and GAH!! I see like a ‘white’ part on the inside — its super deep! Right between the eyes.

So off to the doctor we go!

He was acting fine… just hoped he wouldn’t touch it – the bandaid would not stay on.

When we got to the doctor, he went right in playing with all the toys in the waiting room. I just hoped he didnt bleed everywhere!

We got put into a exam room – waited another 45 minutes. He was still fine — only got interrupted when the blood started dripping down his face and he could tell, so he grabbed at it (eww).

Little bench at the doctor

He loved this little bench that was in the waiting room.

Finally Dr. Rosen comes in and says, yep – he needs stictches.

Have to go to the little surgery room they have in the corner of the office. They put him in a little papoose board, instant crying. He’s scared.

After getting stitches

Nurse holds his forehead down, i’m there sort of holding his hands through the papoose wrap. There is no consoling this guy.

Takes about 15 minutes to get 8 stitches.

At the end, when we ‘re done, he is still strapped in, but stopped crying. He is sweaty and exhausted!

Stickers after Stitches

They gave him a bunch of stickers for being so good.

Eating McDonalds after stitches

We drove to McDonalds for lunch and had ice cream for dessert. He gets his stitches out in a few days. The doctor said his scar will look it’s worst in 6 months and will look like what it will for the rest of his life at about 1 year post incident.


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