New water activity table

Waiting for daddy to fill up the pool

We filled the pool up earlier today and let the water get nice and warm so Vinny could play. Here he is waiting for daddy to get everything ready. Him and Butters are like two peas in a pod, though i am not sure why Butters hangs around since all Vinny does is wrestle and drool on him.

Playing with water

Anyway, Vincent had a blast in the pool. Chasing after all his bath/water toys. We bought a couple water ball toys (the kind that soaks up the water) and since those were brand new it was his favorite.

New Water Activity Table

So we originally thought we would go to Toys R Us and get a sand and water table/box but the thought of sand and water mixing by a toddler had me very nervous! So we bought a water only table called “Tropical Resort” and it comes with a few people, a cup, a boat, a pump, some water wheels, a slide and a little merry go round thing. It looks like lots of fun!

New Water Activity Table

He loved splashing the water and getting himself all wet. He played for a little bit with the table, but then he saw the kiddie pool that he was in earlier that was set up right next to him and he went DIVING for it. So… We’re not quite sure how much he likes the new toy yet since we had to cut playtime short. But I’m sure if the kiddie pool is put away he would play with the water table for quite a while


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