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Diane & Jeffrey » Vincent is Now 10 Months Old!

Vincent is Now 10 Months Old!

Vincent 10 months

Vincent is officially into the two-digits months! LOL! Whenever I lool at photos of him from a few months ago I get so nostalgic! Like “Oh, remember when he used his pacifier?” — and “Look at that, he just stayed on his back the entire day because he didn’t like being on his belly!”… And now look at him go!

Just doing the laundry

He just loves — i mean LOVES — standing up! He needs something to hold on to of course. Right now that usually is a laundry basket, the coffee table, his pack n play/baby gate,  or the side of his blue plastic rubbermaid bin that we use to keep his toys in (weighted down with dumbbells).

Vincent 10 months

He can “cruise” (walk holding on to things) pretty well and fast. If he is inside of his baby gate, he can cruise all the way around by himself. He loves to take things out of containers (like laundry out of the laundry basket!)

Oh, Camera Lens! Must scratch

It’s so funny to watch him play with his toys. His signature move is to “scratch” things with his index finger. (Like the lens of the camera?!? Ahhh!)

https://www.flickr.com/photos/sourskittled/7356464706″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium_640″ group=”” align=”none”]

He likes having a toy in each hand and banging them together to make noise. A lot of the times he will want to grab a third toy, but isn’t willing to give up the two he has in his hands. Its quite entertaining to watch. Jeff took this photo above, where he wanted to grab the iPhone from him, so he stuck the links he was holding in his mouth.

Checkin out the TV

He still love to watch TV – the Sprout channel is specially made for pre-school kids, and he is mesmerized by the graphics, songs, and characters on the shows.

Pots and Pans - Bang bang!

Dad broke out the pots and pans for Vinny to play with one Saturday morning. He sure loved that! Of course the spoon we gave him to bang with ended up in his mouth. He was fascinated with the fact that one of the lids to a smaller pot fit all the way INSIDE a pot of larger size.

Hello Mama i see your camera!

Jeff and I have found that he laughs hysterically at certain animal sounds and other sound effects. “Meep, meep!” like the Road Runner, or similarly, “Beep, beep!” like the car. “Meow, meow!” is another favorite. You can do other sound effects and he won’t laugh. But these three it’s pretty much guaranteed a big belly laugh.


New foods this month — beets! We made him some ground turkey. Becky fed him mangos (for the 3rd time or so) but for some reason this time he seemed to have an allergic reaction to it because he got a red rash on his face. We just made a batch of peaches – thought they were not as sweet as we’d hope. Summer coming up should bring us more fruit options.

Vincent 10 months

We are noticing that Vincent is starting to vocalize himself a lot more now. It is still nonsense baby talk, but he can say the “dadada” sounds really good and probably says those syllables the most. During memorial day weekend Jeff asked Vincent if he like spending the whole weekend with Mommy and Daddy and there was a slight pause then he said “DAH-DEE” all perfectly!! It was the cutest thing ever.

Vincent 10 months

I am starting to brainstorm ideas for his first birthday party. I have a theme in mind, and i am getting really excited to plan and make everything pretty for it! I am going to go way overboard on this. I wish all my family an friends lived in the same place so they could enjoy my fabulous party! Being the first party, i have to set the bar high. =) My parents, Jeff’s parents/brother and perhaps my sister Susan will be coming up so we are excited for that. Jeff and I will be taking some vacation time around his birthday to enjoy our family visiting.

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