Shopping with Auntie Susan

My Loot from Hawaii

Here is a picture of Vinny with his Hawaii “loot” — clothes and toys from me and his hawaiian family!

The Shack

I wanted to get some shopping in during the trip so I planned for Jeff to hang with Jill and the Aussie crew while Susan and I went to Kahala mall. We dropped Jeff off in Kailua where they were having lunch at the Shack, then Susan and I took off from there, so it was a long drive!

Couch Potato

After stopping for some burgers ourselves, we drug Vinny around to several different stores.  First we went to a local kids store called Kahala kids. Bought a couple hand made shirts — a yoda shirt and a cars shirt. Then we went to Gymboree and bought some cute stuff there too. Oh and as we were leaving we saw another kids/surf store with bob marley and grateful dead baby clothes which of course we had to buy!


Vincent scored some really cute blue sunglasses!

Vincent is So Happy

Yesterday Susan took me to Mililani shopping center where the have another local kids store called Ohana Daze and we bought a “miso happy” onesie and an “ichiban” all stars onesie. I also bought Jeff some tshirts from Hawaiian Island Creations. So this whole trip I didn’t buy anything for me! Well except some snacks!

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