CocoCay, Bahamas

Bahamas Ocean!

After a late night of gambling (we broke even last night), and drinking (just Jeff, not me), we woke up in the beautiful waters of CocoCay – Royal Caribbean’s private island.

Loungin in CococayLisa and Mike

We took the tender to the shore and found Jeff’s parents who arrived earlier in the morning. We rented our snorkel gear and after getting warmed up went in the water. It was a lot colder than we expected but we got used to it after a little bit. We swam around and saw lots of sea grass but no fish! There were a couple of floating docks so we swam towards those where a lady told us that there was a “plain” over one way and a “canyon” over the other. We swam, we swam, then we noticed a “sunken” airplane. OHH. I thought. Plane, not plain. Well that was cool because these were where the fishes liked to hang out. We saw a parrot fish, but mainly those yellow fish. A little bit further on our journey we saw a sunken canon. OHH. Canon, not canyon. (*Note: I didn’t “get” my misinterpretation of this until well after we left the Bahamas & Florida!) On our way back in from our snorkeling adventure we spotted a barracuda! He looked mean and was about 18 inches long.

Nature WalkWheee!

After we toweled off, Jeff and I went around and explored the rest of the island which was pretty much deserted by now since it was almost time to go. We did some of the nature walk, but missed out on seeing the big iguana that was somewhere around there. Jeff and I posed for some hammock pictures and walked along the beach.

Cococay DockMonarch of the Seas

We caught the tender back to our ship, “Monarch of the Seas”. This picture looks like the weather was rainy, but it didn’t rain at all, the weather was absolutely perfect! The staff was saying how lucky we were to get such good weather – often times it is windy and a bit rainy this time of year.

SunsetAt the Comedy Show on the Ship

We watched the sunset which was beautiful, ate a delicious chicken marsala meal for dinner, then went to a late night comedy show. Jeff learned how to play Caribbean stud poker, which is not very easy to win – it really takes your money and is kind of a rip off, but we told ourselves, hey, “when in rome”.

This was our last night on the cruise. Jeff and I had a great time on the ship but were ready to head back home. (We ended up losing the $185 we had won the first night — and them some!!) It’s a fun experience and exciting to do it for the first time. I would probably do one again, of course a different route. Maybe Mexico or Alaska? Who wants to come?

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