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Diane & Jeffrey » Chicago White Sox @ Oakland A’s

Chicago White Sox @ Oakland A’s

On Saturday, we went to our second baseball game of the season. It was pretty foggy in Salinas, and the last time we went to an A’s game it was totally cold. So we dressed in long pants, brought sweaters, etc. To our surprise, when we got to McAfee Coliseum, it was sunny and warm! So warm in fact that Jeff was afraid he would get sunburned, so we had to take breaks in the shade during the game.

McAfee ColiseumStadium Dogs

For lunch we bought a regular Stadium Dog for me, and a Jumbo Dog for Jeff. Look at the difference! These two dogs and a big drink cost $15 – not too bad…could be worse I guess.

White Sox @ A'sOakland A's Flag

Our seats were row 13, section 123, probably the closest we have ever been to the field. We had to pay about $115 for the tickets total, so I think we definitely should have been close! We had a good time, it’s nice being close to the “action”.

Smoking ManDiane

Theres Jeff taking his smoke break behind the fence. We had to climb all the way to the tippity top of the stadium to get to the smoking area. I love living in California where you can’t smoke in public places unless you are in the designated area! Here I am with a new giant Athletics cup to take home! I love these big plastic cups because I tend to drink a lot during dinner, and this way I don’t have to go fill it in between the meal. =)

There were quite a few White Sox fans in the crowd – it seemed like they were all in our section! So that was a little annoying at times – hey aren’t we routing the for A’s here? =) Well, the A’s ended up losing anyway in a regulation 9-inning game, 2-1.

And Jeff didn’t get a sun burn! Woohoo!

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looks like fun… the standard hotdog looks liek a big one now the jumbo just looks like Ron Jeremy (hahaha not that Jeff wanted to think of it in that way).

Looks like you guys had some awesome seats!!

christina  |  Aug 22, 2008 at 9:57 pm

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