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Diane & Jeffrey » Vincent is 3.5 years old

Vincent is 3.5 years old


Thought i’d post what this little boy is up to nowadays. H is 3.5 years old now! I think he is 32 lbs. Haven’t measured him but i think i will soon! He still wears 3T clothes and 8.5 shoes.


Vincent’s really been addicted to the iPad! We had to limit it and say he can only play if he eats his dinner (which happens,… oh.. 30% of time). He pretty much plays ALL saturday morning while im trying to make and clean breakfast and clean up the house from the week’s destruction.

Cuddling in bed to wake up daddy on the weekend. Everyone’s here including Butters! Vincent’s been coming into our bed at around 6:30am in the morning to “cuddle” or as he says “i tuck in toooo”


Night-time shenanigans. Playing “who is there”? where we open the bathroom door after Vincent’s finishing up brushing his teeth, and Melanie is sitting there with a different toy/object everytime. Lately we’ve transitioned back to :”lion” where Vincent comes in the nursery where melanie is getting ready, “scares” her and continues on climbing into his crib. The “police” (daddy) comes to rescue the lion from the public.



Biking near pop’s place. Vincent’s been out a few times with Pop-pop to practice his stryder.


Vinny acting silly for the camera.



I think he looks handsome here. Recently we’ve been trying to correct him when he says things wrong like “notta notta” — he says that when he “wantsa wantsa” something! He has been talking a lot more though, everyday. I am trying to teach him what his birthdate is. He knows what all of our first names are Jeff, Diane, and the names of Pop-pop and Oma, and the names of the freeway and one of the other roads we always travel.



The other day Dad took him for a ride down the street in his push car.


He insisted on stopping at the corner and sitting down and waiting for something. I think this was because once a long long time ago, we walked to that same spot and waited to watch the dump truck come by.


He is doing good in school. We had him practice drawing X’s for “homework” and then also showed him how to write his name. Excuse the weird first “N” – Jeff was showing him uppercase but i noticed he wanted to do a lowercase.



This is that look he gives you when he’s about to do something rascal, or he just did something rascal and he knows it. (like probably blowing bubbles in his milk)

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