Melanie is 3.5 months old!

I can’t believe how late I am with this post… trying to do monthly updates, but the months go by so fast! Melanie is now 3.5 months old!! And when your that young a couple of weeks can make a big difference!

Especially this month because Melanie has started going to daycare and Momma is back to earning a full time salary. Cha-Ching! Well sort of. Now we pay for double the childcare and double the diapers! But still making a lot more money than if I was a SAHM.

I enjoyed my 4 months off of work. Totally!! Had a chance to finally organize and clean my house after years if neglect. And I got try try some new dinner recipes. Really liked having time to cook dinner. But I was getting bored the last couple weeks before going back. I can only organize so much and the only outings I’d really do was go shopping and that’s not healthy. Lol.

Melanie is doing GREAT at daycare. She eats from the bottle well (up to 7oz at a time) and takes long naps! Model behavior. My sitter says she’s such an easy baby. She loves to smile when she sees anyone’s face.

Daddy made Melanie laugh on Mother’s Day by singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. It was the best present. She also laughed lots with Peekaboo. It’s the cutest thing!!

She’s also getting strong enough to sit up supported on our lap. She can sit on the Bumbo too.

I’ve used both the Bjorn baby carrier and the Ergo. She seems ok in them. Not her favorite but will tolerate. She was so cute looking up at the trees in the Bjorn on a walk back home from the park.

This past week melanie has been “talking” to us on occasion. She will sputter from her mouth and make little raspberry sounds with her mouth. She likes to also do this when she’s nursing or drinking from the bottle. She still likes to use her Paci for naps.

She weighs 14.6 lbs and is in 6 month clothes. I don’t have much 6 month clothes for some reason most of what I have is either 3 months or 9 months.

She loves eating her hands. I’ve caught her staring at them as well.

We pulled out some of the “baby” toys for her to start playing with too. She loves her mobile as well.

When she was born, we checked her butt for a Mongolian spot (blue mark) but she didn’t have one like her brother did. But this month I suddenly noticed she had one. It must have appeared this month.

She eats every 4-5 hrs during the day. At night about the same actually. So I nurse before bed, once in middle of night, and then when she gets up. Not too bad but it’d be nice if she started sleeping through sometime sooner than her brother (who took till 10 months or so to do that).

She is still sleeping in the pack n play next to our bed, so i can just pull her into our bed when she nurses. We swaddle her, not so much now that she “scares herself” with her arms, but i think it keeps her arms warm at night 🙂

I keep telling everyone i am worried about her needing to wax her ears when she gets older because she’s got HAIRY ears! See!

I took a few more “close ups” of her using my camera phone while she was taking a nap on my lap in the sunroom. I think they are so precious! I want to remember her little features.

Stretch!! She’s doing this less and less now… i remember loving it when Vinny was new and doing this. <3

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