Vincent is 8 months old… and a few weeks!

8 Month Portraits

Vincent is another month older! My how the months just fly by ya! Every month Jeff and I write in his baby book – things like new foods, discoveries, eating habits, and special memories. After his 12-month bithday (1 year!) the book stops having monthly entries! GASP! Now what am i going to do…will i stop taking photos every month?!? I guess it will just be a yearly thing or on special occasions. Guess we’ll have to see.

8 Month Portraits

His photo shoot for this month was done late in the day, so he was little cranky. Didn’t get the greatest shots but that’s ok! You’ll still love him anyway, right?

8 Month Portraits

Just yesterday, Vinny started saying the “ma – ma” sounds. Previously he had been jabbering away but with other consonant-vowel combinations. It was more “ah-wah-wah, ya-ya-” kind of thing. Anyway, exciting news from my perspective! Dad’s a little bummed it wasn’t the “da-da” sound. We’ll see if he actually connects the sound with the person. You bet i’m saying “mama” in front of him, every chance i get!

8 Month Portraits

He is very much into “planking” and trying to propel his body forward. He can kind-of get around. Mostly rolling, but some lunging forward! He planks, then brings a knee down, then forges his body towards whatever object he has his eyes on. Its pretty entertaining. Hey you can check the video:

8 Month Portraits

As far as sitting, he is pretty bad at it. LOL! Well i just thought he’d  be able to sit up on his own by now, but he still needs help and supervision! If he is in his bumbo, high chair, or jumperoo, he can sit up just fine. Or if you put him inbetween your legs, he can sit up. But he just isn’t that strong to sit by himself. He also much prefers to stand. If you hold him and try to “sit” him down on his booty, he will keep his legs straight so that he just stays in a standing position. Funny guy.

Vincent Sippy Cup

New foods he’s tried this month: barley, lentils, turkey, cauliflower. Oh and green beans, but he did not like those at all! I think the texture was gross – you can’t puree green beans smoothly it is very gritty/chunky. Overall though he is a great eater. He is still drinking water from his sippy cup, though mostly gets the water all over his body instead of in his mouth!

So comfy

On the weekends, it is so hard to get Vincent to take his naps. At daycare, i guess he just magically falls asleep by himself for the morning and afternoon nap. But for us, i just have to nurse him to sleep.  For some miraculous reason though, this afternoon, he fell asleep while he was bouncing on Dad’s legs. It was just so cute. He’s still sleeping now, 2 hours later (which has allowed me to make this blog post during daylight hours!) Maybe i should go wake him up now…. past couple nights he has been going to sleep at 9pm when his normal bedtime is 6:30pm!

Here is his growth pic for 8 months:″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”” align=”none”]


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