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Diane & Jeffrey » Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Jeff and I went to Mike and Shelby’s place for a BBQ on the Fourth of July. They live in an apartment complex that is within walking distance of our condo. Jason and Michelle came out to hang too. Everyone had the idea for making margaritas, so we had a surplus of margarita mix and tequila! (Not a bad thing, I guess.) After lunch everyone came over to our place to play ROCKBAND on our Wii. We played that for a pretty long time, and Butters got a lot of attention from Mike, Shelby and Michelle.


After everyone left, Jeff waited till it got dark and played with our fireworks that were leftover from last year. We had a few spinning eyeballs, some lighting flash ones that literally blinded you, and a lot of lame morning glories. The morning glories I remember from when I was a kid were bigger and lasted longer than these shrimpy ones we got. Anyway, Jeff did all the pyrotechnics, I didn’t even touch one! Here’s some pictures of him and Butters having fun:

Morning GloriesButters watching Fireworks

After “Jeff’s Fireworks Show” – we took a walk around the street and watched an incredibly illegal fireworks show originating from the ghetto neighborhood behind us. They were having some party! Tons of cars were parked along the street, music was blasting and people were out. We enjoyed the aerial show and wondered how much money these people spent on this, and how difficult it must be for police to track down illegal such illegal firework displays (must be hard to pinpoint those bright lights and loud sounds, huh?).

The rest of the weekend we spent chilling at home. We generally hate going anywhere on long weekends since we have a fear of overcrowding/traffic. But we did make some plans to go to an Oakland A’s game in July. We have also planned a trip to Disneyland for the last weekend of August. A few days after we planned this, I realized that we had planned to go during the busiest time of peak season — Labor Day weekend! AHHH! We are definitely going to change that and go instead during Jeff’s birthday in September. Phew, glad we caught that one. Who wants to wait in long lines?

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