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Diane & Jeffrey » Blue Apron, Meal Planning, Kids Don’t Eat

Blue Apron, Meal Planning, Kids Don’t Eat

A few months ago i started using Blue Apron to help with my meal planning. At first it was really great. The food was good, the convenience  was excellent. We did it for several months. I liked that you didn’t have to think about what you were going to make, what to shop for, etc. I also liked that Jeff was willing to help with making meals once all the ingredients were there, and the recipe and steps were clearly written visually on the recipe card.

But as the weeks went on, we got tired of eating the food. The recipes take a long time to make (45 min normally, sometimes more) and then, there isn’t much leftovers. They used the same ingredients, like if Kale was in season, EVERYTHING HAD FRIGGIN’ KALE IN IT. Or like Corn and Tomatoes during summer. Like really tiring.

So anyway,.. it was a good run, and i might go back on it later, but for now we’re taking a break, which means back to our same-old meals and slow cookers and frozen / pre-made stuff from Costco!

The other half of this post is a rant on how my children don’t eat anything…. It’s like torture to get them to eat anything. Why is that. Just freakin’ eat something. They 90% of the time don’t eat what we eat. They eat what kids eat like pizza, lasagna, corn dogs, hot dogs, fried rice. Vincent loves potstickers now, and “stars” (basically spaghetti O’s), and PB&J. He used to love beaners and weaners but they stopped making the brand he liked. Melanie seems to really like rice… and corn dogs, (she once ate two whole ones for dinner). I feel like a terrible parent because they don’t eat any vegetables. Sometimes Melanie will eat frozen veggies or corn something. Vincent loves fruit, so that’s good. The only solace i get is i know they eat good balanced meals at daycare. But once Vincent starts going to school next year, how will it be? I don’t imaging school lunch is nutritous… and then that means the only other option is  i’m packing lunch, but then its the same crap that the cafeteria sells!


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