Monster Truck Jam 2015

Monster Truck Rally 2015

You know Vincent loves cars and trucks like your typical boy… right? Well every year there is a Monster Truck Jam in our town where the trucks come and do tricks and what not. We decided to get premium tickets to see the show. He was pretty excited to go. We dropped off Melanie at Pop-pop and Oma’s and headed over to the sports complex.


It didn’t really go as planned. First off, we should have figured it would be really LOUD! I was even scared! Ha! We lasted about 10 minutes into the show.


Vincent watched and clapped for the first one or two trucks, but then he just dug his head into Daddy and said he wanted to go home. He could have also been in a bad mood because he recently hurt his tooth for the second time. First he ran and fell into the tile floor in the kitchen, bleeding a bit. Then a week later (yesterday) he fell right into the coffee table at Pop-pop’s house and it bleed pretty bad that time. He took one bit of his pizza and then it was all down hill from there…


Since the Sport Complex is right next to the park, we decided to just take him there and run around. It was pretty funny because people who didnt want to pay for the show  were all hanging out on the top structure trying to get a glimpse. I told Jeff we should have given our tickets to some of them!


Park Selfie!


After the truck jam, we headed to Sonic’s and had a frozen treat.

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