Melanie’s 12-13 month update


A week before her 1st birthday, dressed her up for Jace’s birthday party. Love this photo!


We put up the baby corral but we rarely use it. She normalyl just crawls around wherever.


This is the crying face. It’s pretty popular right now with her. She cries over every little thing. Drama i tell you.

Melanie loves her brother's shoes. Well anyone's shoes really -- but his is just the right size, and can be easily found strewn about the floor. She doesn't really wear her own shoes yet. Though she is working on standing!

Loves Vincent’s shoes as a toy. Even Vin knows — if Melanie’s needs something to distract her he will take off his shoes and give it to her to play with.


Poor Melanie got a runny nose! This was in January, but we would ALL end up getting sick after her birthday.


Daddy put the arm and foot rests on Vincent’s push car. She loved it!


I finally put up the rainbow decoration from my childhood days in her room. I want to change her theme soon, pretty sick of 3.5 years of farm animal!


She’s loving feeding herself. Here’s her blueberries. She thinks they are ok.


She LOVES mini pancakes. Probably because her older brother loves them too. She also loves a wheat bread slice.


She is super interested in spoons and bowls. Will cry for them.


I stopped breastfeeding this month because she just wasn’t that into it. She was so used to the bottle’s milk coming out right away she got really frustrated with the boob. Fine by me!


Loves playing with her toys.


She’s been trying to go up to a kneeling position.


She can support her weight if we pull her up to lean againist a table.


And she got her first kiss!


i mean… bite mark … from her february birthday twin Jace at his birthday party!


I caught her writing the grocery list!


Peekabo with the curtains!

Weekend errands - shopping and laundry. But I think this was Melanie's first visit to Costco. She held her kitty cat the entire time. ????

First trip to costco — clutched her kitty the whole time.


Still drooling lots.


Still loves stuffing string, cards, and rubbish in her mouth.



Spring is almost here!

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