Meet our New Mini-van


Say what! Yes, our first MINI-VAN! Jeff traded in his “cute” VW Tiguan with turbo for a Honda Odyssey 2015. When we bought the Tiguan just before Vincent was born, we both knew it was too small — the trunk especially. But we managed with it. With two kids though, we just need more room. And with our upcoming road trip to Las Vegas, there is no way all our crap would fit in the tiny trunk! We could have gone for an SUV, but really, a van is just more practical. The sliding doors, pull up shades, — its just made for a family, and that we are. No, we don’t have 3 kids, but the extra space is so nice. We can now fit other people in car too, besides just the kids, which is helpful for when my family visits.


We got an OK deal on the van. The guy that was signing us really pushed us to get the extended warranty, and we eventually caved. We also got the enhanced car alarm. We didn’t get 0% financing unfortunately like we lucked out with the Tiguan.

We have the navigation system, leather seats, butt-warmer.. you know the essentials!

Bye-bye Tiguan!

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