Vincent Started Preschool

Vincent's first day of "pre-school" at his daycare earlier this week. Every Tuesday & Thursday now. He got his very own cubby and made bookmarks for grandparents day.

My childcare provider also does Preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the older kids (3 and up), so, since Vincent turned 3 in July, he’s started the school year in September. Picture above is from his first day, along with his very own “cubby” to put his completed work in.


They typically complete 2-3 worksheets and then do 2 arts/craft type projects.


I look forward to seeing what he does every week.


Each month there is a theme. September was apples.


October was pumpkins.


The also work on a shape every month. September was a circle. Vincent showing Daddy his artwork.


Here are his classmates! Acting silly.

On this day..

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