Happy Mothers Day!

My morning started off with Daddy getting up early to get Vincent up for the day while I “slept in” with Melanie (I use quotation marks because I can’t ever really sleep in, generally am a morning person). A few spankings later (vincent didn’t want to brush his teeth or sit still for a diaper change) I heard a knock on the door and in comes Vincent with a handmade card!

He leaves after I read it and Dad and Vincent head to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I get up and get myself ready for the day while Melanie sleeps. Lucky for me she decided to get up every three hours to nurse! Somehow she can go 5 hours during the day but night she loves mommy.

Anyway, head to the kitchen and get to eat chocolate chip taro pancakes and sausages. Yum. Vinny and I really liked em!

After Melanie got up we all headed to the park since it’s been a while since we’ve gone to Claremont. Actually the last time we were there Melanie was only a few days old. Weather was perfect. I walked around while Vincent played with dad.

After the park we went to Myo frozen yogurt — for lunch! Haha. Vinny loves ice cream. We couldn’t eat it all so we saved some for later.

Since I go back to work tomorrow and Melanie turns 3 months tomorrow I did Melanie’s photoshoot today. I also got a chance to get Vincent in with his vest and tie I bought during Christmas that I never put on him. Perfect match to the rose dress Patti gave Melanie.

A relaxing day for myself. Love being a mom and watching my kids learn and grow. Speaking of which, I heard Melanie laugh for the first time today! What a cutie. I’ll miss her so much while I go back to work! But I’m glad Vincent and Melanie will be together at the same daycare.

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