Wild Things in Salinas

We have a small zoo in Salinas with caged animals — they mostly come from the entertainment industry and are “retired”.  We decided it would be a fun quick family trip to check it out since we haven’t been there before.

So we “had” to take a guided tour in order to see the place (i.e., no self-guided trips). We also were made to watch a video in the beginning which was pretty much nothing but promotions for their other “tours” of the zoo, which includes anything from the basic “daily” tour, to an overnight stay and feeding of animals.

We got off to a rough start because we got there early for the 1pm tour, and then we had to wait “forever” in toddler time, until the tour started since they were broken into 2 tours.

Once we were seeing the animals, Vinny got excited but only for a brief moment. We saw bear cubs first, then some big cats. That is a majority of what they have.

They also had some kangaroos, and lions.

Probably the best photo i got of the day was the croc.

Melanie started off fine, smiling even in her carseat. But as soon as the tour started (during the video actually) she was crying, and was generally fussy throughout.

We ultimately decided to leave early (before we could see the elephants up close( because Vincent could not “stay with the group” and he was also starving since it was almost 2 and we had not given him lunch.

So all in all, it was not really that great of a trip but we are glad we went and experienced it! I would not recommend it for young ones since you have to stick with the guide and listen to their “blah blah” that a toddler would not give a crap about. Haha!

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