Thanksgiving 2013

We spent our Thanksgiving with the Brown’s this year. They invited us over for their family’s dinner.

Vincent had friend to play with! They liked playing with the little rocks on the water table.

It was a pretty nice day outside considering its the start of winter.

He also got a kick out of Charlotte’s collection of rubber duckies. Had to line them all up.

At first we thought we’d be eating a late lunch, but it really turned out to be a dinner, so we played in the early afternoon, then went home for a nap (the toddler that is) and then came back for an early dinner.

Vincent didn’t want to eat any lunch or any dinner! He normally LOVES turkey and gravy when we get it for him at the restaurant, but he wanted nothing to do with it tonight.

The kids loved playing with each other on the stairs. Vinny would run up, and Charlotte would follow behind. At one point, we caught them in a cute Romeo and Juliet moment, where they were yelling to each other from the bottom and top of the stairs. Awww.

Happy Thanksgiving! Vincent has swagger.



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