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U-Jam Certification Day 1

Back in April i got certified in a new fitness format called U-JAM, along with my friend Sandy. It is a dance/hip-hop class that is pre-choreographed by the creater, Suzy C. Marks (and her team). I have been wanting to get into “dance” but didn’t exactly love ZUMBA so much (too much hip shaking and foot-stepping i just can’t get the hang of). U-JAM was more athletic and hard-hitting – exactly my style! But it still is a little out of my “comfort” zone as i would not consider myself a natural “dancer” though i do have rhythm.

Anyway, i got certified with one of my best friends/mentors in fitness, Sandy. It was a 2-day instructor workshop that worked us over and over with choreography and how to teach a class. We were assessed on our skills, took a test, and STILL had to submit a video assessment of us teaching 3 songs to at least 5 people.

I submitted my video and heard back within about a month, that i had PASSED and was able to begin teaching U-JAM at my gym.

I practiced, practiced and practiced… after mulling over which songs to add to my playlist which seemed like it took forever… and finally launched at Salinas In-Shape on Labor day.


The turnout was great, everyone loved the class and i was on a super duper high the rest of the week!


Now i teach regularly Mondays at InShape Salinas on North Davis Road at 8pm.


There are a few other instructors in the area who all recently got certified.. We are trying to spread the U-JAM love to the Monterey Bay area, as its not very popular here yet and mainly only in the Bay Area.

I’ve also met a few cool people up in Morgan Hill/Gilroy area that help teach me how to cut up m shirt real cool.


It’s great workout, sweat tons, and best of all have lots of fun doing it, you forget you are working out!


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