Gilroy Gardens Season Pass

Costco had a good deal for 2 season passes to a local theme park, so we bought them and tried to go up on Mother’s Day at the beginning of the season, but we had to come home because Vincent threw up within 10 minutes of getting to the park! Which was a big bummer because we had met a friend there, and it takes an hour to get there!

So we tried again today, and was able to make the trip a success. This is Vincent’ second time here, we came right before his birthday last year as well.

It is a great theme park for little ones. Easy rides and a beautiful setting – plus the hot Gilroy weather!

We rode the train first. I thought he’d like it more than he did because he LOVES trains, but at the first “stop” that we were not going to get off on, he was ready to leave! LOL.

He liked going up and down on the goldfish ride.

This next ride was pretty cool – you could steer the car a little bit outside and inside of the circle track. Vinny didnt really get it though. He looks concerned, doesnt he?

We explored the cave maze a bit. He had fun running but i think he fell and scraped his knee so then it wasnt as fun anymore…

Daddy and Vinny walking in the park.

We knew they had a really fun water area so we brought all his swim stuff to play.

Smile Vinny! Look like you’re having fun?!?

We stopped for lunch — Chocolate milk is the best! This shot is funny because you can see him spilling the milk ALL OVER himself… he doesnt get the concept of ‘straw’ because he is so used to sippy cups you need to tilt the cup all the way up to get the liquid to come out.

I’m not sure how much fun Vinny had at the park looking at these pictures! But it was an outing nonethless and got us out of the house doing something together!


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