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Diane & Jeffrey » Grandma Jerrie and Grandpa Don Surprise Visit

Grandma Jerrie and Grandpa Don Surprise Visit

Visit with Grandma Jerrie & Grandpa Don

My mom emails me her flight itinerary over the weekend to say they are coming on Thursday for a week! We were so happy! She wanted to take the opportunity to come up since both my grandparents are in the hospital (i.e., being taken care of by someone else that is not her) and she wasn’t sure when the next time she would have the ability to travel without responsibility back home.

Jeff and I were just finished with our majors all and roof repair luckily enough… So there was room to clean our the spare bedroom which was full of desk stuff that got moved there temporarily.

Well-baby check up

The day that my parents flew in, Vincent had a well baby check up though he had started getting the sniffles again earlier in the week.

He measured 34″ long (75th percentile) and 25 lbs and 8oz (25th percentile). He got his measles (MMR) vaccine and chicken pox. Behaved really well!

On Friday, parents first day watching and he woke up super early crying! Same as day before. Ended up grumpy and sick with a high fever all day. Not a good way to start! Gave him Tylenol and as soon as it kicked in he acted normal. Without it he was lethargic and wimpering. At first we thought the vaccine affects but it was actually a cold I think since he had symptoms earlier and his snot was gross! (He did end up with measles on his face and ears about two weeks afterwards though – went away by the next day)

Sick... cuddle time

Vinny got lots of snuggles from grandma and grandpa which normally wouldn’t happen had he been feeling well!

Vinny started feeling better by Sunday afternoon/Monday. We didn’t get to do much though besides go shopping.

Car Garage toy

Vinny got an early Easter present – a vtech garage with talking cars. He loves it!

Visit with Grandma Jerrie & Grandpa Don

Driving in his car with Grandpa.

Visit with Grandma Jerrie & Grandpa Don

Helping with the groceries.

Grandma Jerrie on a swing!

Watching Grandma swing — since apparently we don’t have swings in Hawaii?!?!

Visit with Grandma Jerrie & Grandpa Don

Visit with Grandma Jerrie & Grandpa Don

Pictures before bedtime — he was ok at first but then was like get on with it! I’m tired! Haha!

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