Vincent is 15 months old!

Vinny and mommy's lotion

The months are just flying by after Vincent’s first birthday mark! Every day it seems he is learning something new. It is an exciting time to watch him grow.

Halloween Trunk or Treat 2012

Big news this month!

Vincent learned to say “bye-bye”! Though i think he is still a little confused sometimes on whether or not he should say “bye-bye” or “daddy” because we usually go “say bye-bye daddy”. Which i guess is too complicated for someone learning to talk… but at any rate he can wave his hand and say either “bye-bye” or “daddy” (but not both at the same time) while waving his hand, either on cue, or if someone else waves at him.


Pretzel rods

Trying out new foods…

He tried his first hard pretzel baked all the way in Pennsylvania. He loved crunching on what daddy was crunching on. He did a little dance when he was eating. (probably shouldnt let him stand and eat!)


He also tried his first calamari while out with Daddy at Jaycee’s election night. (BTW, Jeff is 2013 Treasurer!) Vincent also tried fish sticks! So far seafood is good.

Eating Hardboiled egg

He tried his first hard boiled egg. He poked at it a lot, ate about half of it. Didnt really seem to like nor dislike. He has had scrambled eggs maybe once before. Kind of the same indifferent reaction.

Eating raspberries

He tried fresh raspberries from the plant we have in our backyard. He loved them! He is a big fruit eater so no surprise there. He also tried some blackberries i bought from the market.

Arnold palmer for vinny?

He wanted to try mommy’s iced tea while we were out eating at Pizza My Heart one afternoon. He sure loves that straw!

McDonalds happy meal

Eating fast food and kids menu meals at restaurants. Jeff watching vinny a couple of days this last month and both days he went to fast food for lunch! First McDonalds then Burger King! Oh man.

Also under Dad’s watch, he may or may not have eaten a dog turd while sitting in the sand at the playground (!)


Vince Butters bedroom

Figured out how to….

He figured out how to open the screen door, though i may be on accident. Jeff was looking for his wet suit to put on him so they¬† could go outside and play with the water table. When he came back to the sunroom to check on Vinny (which is where he left him and the cat) both Butters and Vinny were outside on the grass! Either Butters or Vinny opened the screen door and they both fell out — luckily not right into the rose bushes! (Again, this was a day i was at work and Vinny was being watched by Daddy!) Hahahahhaha…

He can now “open” our coffee table. It is one of those that raises so you can be extremely lazy and eat dinner in front of the TV. Its really quite easy to lift, so he saw mom and dad do it a few times and then tried it himself!

He can push down the toy

He can pop down the lever on his ball pop toy that my mom got him when he was a wee little one (3 months). Finally! He was so proud of himself for learning to do it. Afterwards he would throw his hands up in the air, stomp his feet around and babble.


Playing with iPad Apps

New Activities…

We just downloaded a bunch of iPad apps. He loves watching the Mickey Mouse Road Rally – an interactive game/story where you can speak back and choose items to tell the story. We also have a simple light-up piano.

Also there is Monkey Drum which is a simple copy-cat drumming game. You press the keyboard or drum (or whatever musical instrument they are using) in a pattern, then the monkey duplicates it. Every once in a while a banana will drop and you can feed it to the monkey. The first time we played this vincent laughed sooo hard at the monkey going “ooohh oooh aaahh” with the banana. (See video below).

Vincent loves to play “tag” — we sometimes set up a dining room chair in the center of the room, then run around in circles getting chased by him, or chasing Vincent. He laughs and laughs and gets so in to it that he almost always falls over because he is running too fast. He loves to run straight for us and charge into our feet and give us a big hug.


Sat in his chair

New Skills…

On the weekends we consistently give him his meals in his regular high chair, but for morning snack and afternoon snack, if we are home, we will give it to him on his little travel chair in front of the tv, by the couch, on the floor. I am trying to get him to understand when its “snack time” and when he needs to go sit in his chair. I tell him “Vincent, it’s snack time, see your food? Go sit in your chair first.” Now he has sat in his chair by himself before, but i dont think he really knows how to do it on command. Most of the time he will just go over to is and stand on the seat. But good enough for me.

Fishy face!

He makes a fishy face a lot now!

Scratchy pad box

He loves to play with Butter’s scratchy pad. He will take it apart, then sit inside of it.

Halloween newspaper ad

Likes to play with newspapers, as well as grab things off the edge of the table. We are having to be extra careful now.

Enjoy this video of Vinny pulling all kinds of stuff from the bathroom drawers one morning!

He is starting to get the concept of “climbing” – i will notice him trying to grab on to the edge of something then throwing his foot up to try to get over. For instance, when we do bath time and he waiting to get in the tub, he will grab on, then lift his leg. Kinda funny cuz he would never be able to get himself up there! He can however, hop up on one of the cardboard boxes that reams of paper come in! He did that in the office this past weekend, and he was SO PROUD of himself!

Lining up mommas shoes

He is obsessive sometimes about putting things in a certain place — like lining up my gym shoes on the floor in a row!


Getting head measured

His flat head…

So we decided to get Vincent a cranial band/helmet to try to fix his flat head. Its not only flat in the back (i’d say moderate – severe compared to online photo assessments), but it is also “vaulted” or pointed up high at the top. Its pretty misshapen and Jeff and i really regret not getting treatment earlier. Normally this is best treated at 6 months because they are growing so fast at the time and you can see improvement very quickly. but he is really at the very end of his treatment window. Normally they will not treat after 15 months because his skull is starting to calcify. Mostly, it is believed to be just “cosmetic” but we don’t want him to get teased about his head, especially if it is something we have the opportunity to fix now. When he is older, there is absolutely nothing you can do to fix it.

We went in for a evaluation, then went back (a couple times actually) to get his head measured for the helmet. Vince has to wear it for 23 hours a day and only take it off to clean it and air out a little. Its going to be a tough transition for all of us and we hope we are making the right decision! Jeff will be staying home with the first few days so he can get used to it and monitor how he is reacting. We will definitely be posting about it more in upcoming blog posts.


Long hair over his ear

Physical changes….

Noticeable for several months now, Vinny’s hair over his ears are getting really long! We wonder if maybe we should just trim it. Its cute though.


Still drooling tons! We recently bought a few more sets of bibs since his were getting a little dirty and stained. Also bought some cute festive fall ones with snaps. I cut off all the tags on the Babies R Us brand ones because you can see them prominently when he is wearing it.


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Daniel almost had to get one of those helmets because his head was so flat in the back but our pediatrician said that it wasn’t bad enough that he felt he needed a helmet…hope it works out well for Vinny.

Love the updates- he’s gotten SO big.

You need to talk Patti into doing a blog because i’m not on facebook anymore lol but I know she likes to scrapbook. I think blogs are quicker/easier than making a scrapbook lol

Christina  |  Nov 04, 2012 at 3:35 pm

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