Aquarium with Peter and Merry

Aquarium Rock Fish

Today we planned to go to the aquarium with Peter and Merry. I still had to teach my class in the morning because its very hard for me to find a sub for my Sunday class. So we hung out at the house all morning and then the rest of the gang went to Ellis for Buffet Brunch while i taught class.

When i got back, they were done eating and Vinny was napping, so i ate lunch myself then took a shower. When Vinny got up we fed him some chicken fingers and butternut squash then headed  out the door.

It was a busy weekend day, but not too bad. We got to see most of the aquarium and enjoyed the outdoor deck area since it was  a warm mid 80s to 90s! Very rare for here, especially since we had a cold streak last week in the weather.

Kelps over my head!

We put vinny in his backpack because the last time we were here, we took the stroller but just ended up draggin it along side us and worrying about where to put it. The backpack was the way to go! Good call on Dad’s part. I was figuring just go without anything since Vinny can walk now, but that would have been a disaster and we would have had to chase him all around the whole afternoon.


He loved touching the glass to try to reach the fish!

Aquarium - Jellies

The jellies are always my favorite! Vinny seemed to like them a lot as well.

Aquarium - Water Activity

Vinny had a BLAST in the toddler area, jumping on the waterbed and playing with the fake fishies in the water fountain.

Aquarium - Toddler Area

Aquarium - Toddler Area

He didnt want to leave that area!

Aquarium Fishies

Kelp Tank - Feeding time

At 4pm they had a fish feeding in the kelp forest tank. The diver could actually speak to the audience! It was pretty neat!


After the aquarium we stopped by Ghiradellis so Merry could pick up some candy. WOW! They have a lot of flavors now, like pumpkin spice, sea salt caramel, cabernet, coconut and more.

Bubba Gumps - Stacking Coasters

After the chocolate store we went to Bubba Gumps for dinner. Its always so noisy in there! And there is always a wait on the weekends. Vinny had fun stacking the drink coasters.

And our waiter kinda sucked and didnt do any trivia questions! And my fishwich was falling apart and not good… my go-to dish was not on the menu anymore it seemed (shrimp dippin broth). Boo…. but anyway still had a good time with the company and the view.

Bubba Gumps - Boat w/food

Vinny had a kids mac’ n cheese meal that came with fries and blue jello in a boat. I gave him some of my fish too, and he liked it. The blue jello he seemed to dig as well! Just like mama! He’s crying in this picture because we’re try to strap him in his seat for dinner, but he just wants his boat!

Bubba Gumps - Boat

We gave him the boat to play with after he was done eating his dinner!

We were so happy to entertain Peter and Merry who visit us from North Carolina. We hope to see them again soon! One of these days we will make it out there to see their custom built house. Thanks for visiting us!


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