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Diane & Jeffrey » Pinnacle Bank Pool Party

Pinnacle Bank Pool Party

Pinnacle Bank Pool Party 2012

Every summer Jeff’s workplace puts on a summer bbq/picnic/party event deal. At least year’s event, Vincent was only a few weeks and it was his first official “outing”! My how much he has changed in a year!

The party was held at one of his coworker’s houses in Gilroy, which is normally pretty hot in the summer, and fittingly enough they have a pool!

Pinnacle Bank Pool Party 2012

We dressed vinny in his ‘nice’ clothes (polo shirt, cute alligator short set he got from Becky) and a new hat Mommy picked up at BRU earlier in the day.

Vincent 13months

His favorite discovery of the day was probably two big red buckets filled with drinks and cold ice/water!

There weren’t too many other kids there, the youngest was probably in about 2nd grade.

Pinnacle Bank Pool Party 2012

The property was super nice and expansive. Besides the big house and pool, they had their own “parking lot” that ft about 12+ cars in it?? And a great big backyard with a few dog kennels in the corner of it.

Pinnacle Bank Pool Party 2012

There was a playground swing set area with a tired swing. Vinny got to ride in it until we realized he was eating a a rock from the ground.

Pinnacle Bank Pool Party 2012

All of Jeff’s coworkers were excited to see Vinny. He was wanting to run all around but we had to be watchful with the pool nearby.

The food was great – a taco truck with carne asada, carnitas and pollo tacos! Plus a bunch of sides. I brought some homemade pasta salad that i dont think anyone really ate! Lots of food. And lots of bees trying to eat our food! Ugh! One of the boys got stung actually.

Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss

The bean bag toss that was set up was probably vinny’s second favorite of the day behind the ice buckets.

Bean Bag Toss

If we had actually swam in the pool, that probably would have been his favorite, but we at least stuck our feet in at the end of the party to cool off from the 90 degree weather.

On this day..

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