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Diane & Jeffrey » New Glasses for Diane

New Glasses for Diane

New Glasses 2012

Last week i went to the eye doctor to get my standard eye check-up and to order some much needed new glasses. The pair that i had been wearing was STEPPED ON by Vincent. Actually, what happened was I was getting ready for the work day, had already got Vincent dressed and ready, and he was playing down by my feet while i was putting on make-up. Butters always comes by and sits on the counter and stares and meows at me so i will feed him. Butters ALSO has a bad habit of knocking things off the counter with his paw. Mostly pens, but really anything that’s within striking distance for him, which means my glasses! Swipe by Butters, heard it fall on the floor. Happens all the time, really didn’t think twice about it, until i finished getting ready, went to the floor to get my glasses, and realized, Vinny must had stepped on them after it fell on the ground because it was in two pieces! The side was broken in half, so its not like i could replace a screw or something. SIGH! Here is the OLD PAIR:

Broken glasses

So i went to my check-up, and my doctor (Dr. Nunzig at Vantage Eye Center in Salinas) said my astigmatism changed in my right eye, which is odd, but not odd, for my age. So i needed new glasses anyway, which is fine.

I picked out a new pair that was made by the same company as my last pair, Silhouettes. They really expanded their line since the last time i got these glasses a few years ago.

HERE IS THE SHOCKER: I do not have vision insurance, and these rimless glasses can get pretty pricey. Guess how much. Just guess… $300? $500? NO! $700! And some more dollars for the eye exam, etc. Oh well i need them, wear them everyday, and they serve a useful purpose.

New Glasses 2012

How do you like them? They have a nice tiny pinstripe design on the side. Kinda stylish. Ooohh.

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